This was my team’s entry for this year’s 2014 24hr film contest! We had to make a 30 second animated short film within 24 hours. I worked with a team of 5 people including myself, and it was super hectic but super fun!

We didn’t place, but we made a lot of people laugh and that made me happy enough :D 

You can read my blog entry about the experience HERE.

"House-hunting is my favourite ever. Would you like a Tim Tam?"

She said this without changing expression or tone in her voice. I enjoyed it very much.


I T   I S   T I M E


Finished my hat for halloween lolita coord :3

gorgeous :3


Tera “Volt” Hyde, daughter of Mr. Hyde

Francine Jekyll, daughter of Dr. Jekyll


Inspired by Freaky Fusion, these two were the answer to a “Monster Swap” question: What if Frankie was the daughter of Jekyll and Hyde?

This was super fun, mostly a matter of deciding which motifs would be split up. 


Universe swap with Kitty Cheshire and Toralei Stripe with Purrsephone and Meowlody

I like to think Kitty’d have a rich, snobby little attitude with this “I’m gonna tell my daddy” persona about her, but she never does because daddy’s always watching.

Toralei on the other hand would be a little street urchin who hangs out with rich witch twins but they’re all truly friends with a knack for just getting in trouble.


Detail shots of Krad Lanrete’s upcoming Medusa print. How do you feel about it? I absolutely LOVE the bodice!