FYI, please don’t reblog my tarantula photos with things like NOPE, even as a ‘joke.’

Is it not apparent how I love and care for these little guys?  If you don’t like seeing them, I tag my tarantulas so you don’t have to.

That’s just a shitty thing to do :/


Magic Cat Street - Chiffon Gradient JSK reservations

The first batch will be shipped out around 25 July. After 25th July they are still taking orders, the second batch will be sent out around 10 August. Every pre-order participant will receive a complimentary pair of wristcuffs. The headdress cannot be purchased separately. The headdress is limited to 5 pieces for Forest of Jade; 10 pieces each for every other colour.

Materials: Chiffon 100-120 denier

Options: +头带 (JSK + headdress), 单jsk (JSK only)

Colours: 冰蓝之空 (Ice sky blue), 枯木之林 (Wilting Woods), 红酒之醇 (Fine Red Wine), 玫瑰之约 (Date with the Rose), 翡翠之森(Forest of Jade)

This. In fine red wine :3

thekawaiimachine: or

Hehe, black was popular the last few batches :).  These are new photos of some of my most recent designs!  They’re $25 each plus shipping on classic fit women’s tees in sizes S through 2XL.  Upgrades for slim fit and unisex tees are available!

Don’t forget:  From now until the end of July, you can save 10% off your order in either shop with no minimum purchase, just enter the code HALLOWEENINJULY during checkout!

ouch, right in the wallet >n<

I need basically all of these in my life :3


a quick and sloppy tutorial on drawing profiles for the anon who requested it. hope this helps some people! 


Who’s as excited as I am?! 


Who’s as excited as I am?! 


she definitely covers up the reblog button. not sure about the description levelling though :/
Oh wow, she’s big enough to cover up the reblog button for you? Yeah sounds like I’m going to need to do some tweaking once I have my computer set up again where all my graphics files are saved.

yeah, but I usually have my browsing window small when I’m doing other stuff.


More pictures of my Ashlynn Ella cosplay! Photo shoot was yesterday, so there will be more to come soon! 💕